With leasing on the Waves blockchain you can donate to help orphans in need without ever giving us your money.To lease you simply purchase WAVES and then lock them securely in your own wallet in a lease to our Waves Node.The WAVES never leaves your wallet and can be unlocked and used by you at any time.While locked in lease to us it allows us a larger share of all network transaction fees which becomes our income and then used for charity.

Waves Node: 3PPt2xZhAzEoxVfc1hcjfBorZTVRepFjVsZ


For maximum impact you can donate directly.If sending WAVES, or any asset already in a Waves wallet, you can send to the leasing address above.Otherwise send to:

BTC: 1dHXm8nztJrh1bfJh1cVQvqUSQBjsiVpg

ETH: 0x84DC537bb9168d9E2C68ab16a19383997D5e4d44

LTC: Li2ecwxwXJ7nR3TwpAHnn6kj5jNGSCxRUR

BCH: qr9m5h7ur3zmra6xcsl0fxkrw0s57v65wgxdjfp7ta

USDC: 0x191Ff53B7b4eA0568D1B8580183A4EbEe4262796

USDT: 0x47B2067b093569cE9B65A8E7a4B2125f46371E80


The Waves Node address above is transparent and visible to everyone on the Waves blockchain.All donations to our Node will be converted to WAVES and then staked and mined.This will create recurring income daily and monthly.

Unity Charity will withdraw half of this income each month while leaving the other half to compound.Withdrawals will be done by converting to USDC within the Waves wallet and sending to our registered Coinbase non-profit account.

We will then do a monthly blog post on this site to show the withdrawal to a USD bank account along with purchased relief goods and photos of the actual distributions.