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Unity Charity initiated its journey in 2014 with a pioneering vision to create a lasting, exponential impact through an endowment-first approach. This vision was realized by establishing an endowment that serves as the bedrock of our operations, ensuring a slow yet steady growth trajectory. Unlike fleeting emergency funds that dissipate with each crisis, our endowment is structured to provide a sustainable funding source, ready to tackle adversities for the next hundred or even thousands of years.

Our endowment model is a first in the industry, embodying a long-term perspective that transcends transient crises. Whether it be disasters, wars, or refugee crises, our endowment ensures we are perpetually equipped to provide aid. By channeling all contributions into the endowment, we are forging a legacy of perpetual giving, poised to make a difference in countless lives for centuries to come. Every dollar becoming tens given over time!

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Our Endowment

Our Endowment symbolizes a revolutionary step in charitable operations. All contributions, be it from Unity's profits or direct donations, are channeled into high-yield bonds. The monthly dividends from these bonds are managed meticulously, balancing between reinvestment for future growth and allocation for ongoing charitable projects.

Our Service

The "Endowment as a Service" initiative extends our innovative endowment model to other charitable organizations. By entrusting their funds to us for a year, charities are assured of a monthly payout, the return of the original sum, and a bonus at the end of the term, fostering a collaborative ethos and promoting mutual growth in the charitable sphere.

Our Endowment

Every dollar contributed to our Endowment is immediately put to work, generating 1.76% of its value on a recurring monthly basis. This is orchestrated through a meticulously crafted system where nearly half of the generated income is compounded annually, a quarter is compounded monthly, and the remaining quarter is converted to cash.

Our proprietary compounding system ensures that the income designated for charitable use increases incrementally every month. This unique model implies that $1 donated today will become $5 for charity ten years, and $23 dollars over twenty, and continue exponentially. The Unity Charity Endowment is not just a one-time contribution; it’s an enduring legacy of giving.

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Our Services

We offer an innovative Endowment-as-a-Service (EaaS) model for 1-year terms, with an option for recurring terms. The month following a deposit, a consistent 1% monthly return is generated, where three-quarters are sent as monthly cash to the charity's bank account and the rest accrues as an annual bonus. At term-end, the original deposit can be reclaimed. Our team rigorously verifies the charity's status and eligibility before the service commencement. We also provide Brand Management and a suite of charity assistance tools upon request, designed to elevate your charity's impact.

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